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Aero Search Partners is a division of Strom Aviation, a group of companies providing a broad range staffing services to the aviation and aerospace industry. These divisions complement Aero Search Partners aviation staffing services to fulfill our clients unique needs.

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Strom Aviation

Aerospace Contract Staffing

Since 1992, Strom Aviation has successfully staffed contract personnel for aviation and aerospace companies around the world, including North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. As an industry leader, Strom Aviation's full-service aviation and aerospace contract staffing capabilities support all staffing disciplines within an airline, manufacturing, MRO, OEM, FBO, or DoD environment. Our recruiting knowledge and expertise provide a quick response to our clients corporate, VIP, commercial, military, and rotor aircraft employment needs. Our compliance team ensures that all industry-specific pre-employment and background requirements are done accurately and efficiently, saving customers both time and money. Strom Aviation can serve all of your needs, from one individual to 300, from one day up to 3 years or longer. Strom Aviation is the only call you need to make for your technical and engineering contract staffing needs.

Aero Search Partners

Aero Search Partners offers confidential and customized searches to satisfy the immediate hiring needs and long – term goals of your company.  Through our industry networks, Aero Search Partners specializes in bringing industry professionals together from the ground up.  Aero Search Partners will manage the process by identifying, recruiting and pre – screening our top candidates, prior to scheduling interviews and presenting an offer to the chosen candidate.


Know Who We Are

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David G. Drugman
Vice President Executive Search

Dave has the reputation of a creative and aggressive recruitment practitioner with extensive experience developing and managing high-volume staffing functions. Over the span of his career, the organizations he has worked for have been responsible for hiring tens of thousands of engineers and management professionals in the Aviation, Aerospace and Defense industries. Dave has held positions ranging from Sector Employment Director to Vice President Human Resources.

He served in military intelligence as an interrogator and did graduate work at the University of Florida and Florida Institute of Technology. His first positions in the industry were with engine manufacturers Pratt & Whitney Aircraft and Garrett AiResearch. He spent a decade in the aerospace and defense industry with TRW/Northrop Grumman and has been directly employed by business jet OEM startups Safire Aircraft Company and Honda Aircraft Company as their senior HR executive. He has supported engineering and R&D organizations since the beginning of his career.

Dave joined Honda Aircraft Company's predecessor, Honda Research and Development, in 2006 – two months before the official establishment of the Honda Aircraft Company. Prior to joining the company, Dave performed consulting work for Honda Research and Development for almost two years, during which time he conducted numerous special search assignments. As Honda Aircraft Company's senior HR executive, he helped the company grow to more than 500 associates in the first five years.

During the 90's, he ran his own consulting firm, Bay Cities Research, Inc., providing HR and recruiting support to aviation, aerospace and defense companies such as Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Allied Signal, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Hughes Aircraft Company, Rockwell, FedEx, Aviation Technology Group, Snow Aviation, and Atlantic-Aero. Additionally, the US Air Force and the National Security Agency were his clients.

Dave has had the honor of personally providing both HR and recruiting counseling/support to numerous executives including a NASA Administrator; a former Secretary of the Navy; an Assistant Secretary of Defense for Information Integration; and a past Director of the National Security Agency and namesake of the USAF Weapons Lab. Dave has been officially recognized by the US Government for his staffing efforts made on behalf of critical, classified national security programs.

He has been a member of several organizations supporting the aviation and aerospace community, such as the Florida Aviation Trades Association, the Florida Aviation and Aerospace Alliance, the Southeastern Small Aircraft Transportation Systems Lab Consortium (SATS), National Aviation Consortium – National Industry Council, the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County Aviation/Aerospace Industry Cluster, Greensboro Economic Development Alliance Aviation Cluster, North Carolina Aviation Institute, board member of the Consortium for Aviation Systems Advancement and currently serves as the Co-chair of the North Carolina Governor's Aerospace Initiative on Workforce Development . He is a Vietnam-era veteran and a commercial pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings.

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